Eclectic Antiques Collection

Petworth is known for the large number of antique stores and the old world treasures that they stock. Tudor Rose Antiques and Interiors is one such shop located in Petworth. At Tudor Rose we have an amazing array of wide ranging antiques from different eras and places. We probably have the largest stock of antique silver which includes items such as antique silver photo frames,hand mirrors, antique silver tableware etc. Apart from silver we also stock a good variety of glass and ceramic items from the eras bygone. Our collection dates from the Victorian times through the Edwardian period and right into the thirties and forties.

Apart from antique silver we have a good variety of antique furniture. Our range of period furniture includes bookcases, desks, coffers, boxes and chests, antique chairs and a lot more. Most of our antique furniture items are in great condition and portray skilled craftsmanship. Pictures and paintings also form a substantial part of our collection. From sketches to watercolour and floral designs, the variety is outstanding. Then there is a great variety of beautiful old world mirrors. These majestic antique mirrors with detailed carvings have an absolutely regal look to them. There is a good variety of the outdoor antiques as well. There are a number of garden and sports items under this head that can be of help if you wish to add a bit of interesting elements to the garden. And amongst all that is antique, you will be surprised to find a small yet well chosen collection of contemporary decorative items as well. 

Our antique mélange is definitely worth having a look at. Do visit our shop to view our eclectic collection or you can also browse online to see the wide variety of antiques that we offer.

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